What Does Nursing Entrance Test Include?

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Published: 22nd November 2010
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Nurse applicants have to go through a nursing entrance test (lpn entrance exam) to be eligible to study or get Registered Nurses or Licensed Practical Nurse training. This is the general trend all over the world for all nursing students. This rule is also applicable for those who want to attended nurse aid or medical assistant training. Some schools grant admission on the basis of entrance test whereas some might weigh both the entrance test and GPA.

The NET (Nurse Entrance Test) is a computer based test where the skills of the nurse applicants are tested on six criteria: math skills, reading comprehension, test taking skills, stress level, social interaction, and learning style. All six skills are tested and need to be completed for the admission. However, only the math and reading will be considered for admission eligibility. Most schools require a pass score of 50% in math and 50% in reading skills for admission.

Math problems consist of algebra, some normal arithmetic related to whole numbers, fractions, decimals, etc. There are 60 problems which need to be solved in 60minutes. Calculators are not allowed but scratch papers to carry out your calculations are provided. The scratch paper must be submitted along.

Reading Comprehension includes reading some paragraphs or articles and answering the questions on the basis of the paragraph. The questions might require an answer of few sentences or could be fill in the blanks type of questions. There will be 33 questions which need to be completed within 30 minutes.

Some Nursing Schools carry out test including the Written Expression Test, where grammar and punctuation are checked. All the tests other than the reading comprehension are easy and I donít understand why the schools even bother to take the other tests.

But nursing entrance tests vary from school to schools and the admission criteria also vary accordingly. Hence, a student needs to understand about the admission process in the school before applying. The format and content of the test can vary in different schools. Most LPN refresher course also needs you to take some test before enrolling and start the course.

The information they take from the schools can be effective for the pre nursing students to prepare for the nursing test and gives the idea about the content of the exams. Study guides and tips are available for all of these admission tests, both online and in print.

There are several forums that discuss the exams in detail. A faculty member of the nursing department will provide the information regarding the format of the admission test and which subject areas are covered. Also, if the applicants have a idea about the type of questions, they can search in the internet.

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